5/29/83 - 11/21/05

Straight Egyptian Arabian Stallion - Falcontep
FALCONTEP (Abenhetep x BA Quintessence)

Falcontep has blessed us with a legacy of incredible horses, such as our stallion, Prince Imatep Too.

A great, untapped source of Straight Egyptian Al Khamsa Foundation breeding, Falcontep is sired by the great ABENHETEP and out of a beautiful EGYPTIAN PRINCE daughter.  His dam line is the only 100% Al Khamsa link to SHAHID, Faleena's sire.

After being shown and placing well at Halter as a young horse, he was returned to BackAcres and was basically turned out for many years as a "pasture pet" after siring only six foals.

Falcon is of the Hadbah al-Nazhi strain, or as it is now known as Hadbah Enzahi.  The Hadbah are a great "blending" strain.  Some of the most renowned breeding stallions in modern Egypt have come from this strain, (IBN RABDAN, NAZEER, ASWAN, FARAZDAC, *KHOFO and *SIMEON SHAI, just to mention a very few).

They are handsome and elegant with great endurance and strength.  Good all-around horses, having perhaps the finest blood to produce working horses as well as excellent race horses.  This strain descended in Egypt from the root mare VENUS, passed on through her daughter HADBA, who produced two daughters from whom descended two families or branches of the strain.

Straight Egyptian Arabian Stallion - Falcontep
FALCONTEP (Abenhetep x BA Quintessence)

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS:  Heads that are wide across the forehead and between the jowels.  Large, lustrous eyes and relatively small, well shaped ears.  They tend toward long deep shoulders, relatively long backs, short croups and good hips.  Their bones are usually fine with clean joints.  The strain harmonizes well with all families as it is not extreme in itself.

Falcontep  produced his first ever Straight Egyptian/Al Khamsa foals in 2002—both are 1st generation pure-in-the-strain—and two more foals in 2004.  One is Straight Egyptian/Al Khamsa, out of an ANSATA IBN HALIMA granddaughter, and the other one is a very high percentage of both, out of Faleena's daughter Shahleena, a *SERENITY SONBOLAH granddaughter.  One of these foals may be offered for sale.

Falcon's progeny, to date, all possess his good looks, beautiful bodies and ears, and above all else have his great attitude and disposition.

Of his original foal crop, only one daughter, Faiths Ashar, was shown but she obtained a six page show record with numerous National Top 10, Top 5, and Regional and Class A Championships—a testimony to the outstanding quality that Falcontep is capable of producing.

Egyptian Arabian stallion - AbenhetepEgyptian Arabian stallion - FalcontepFalcontep foal

Like Father, Like Son, Like Son — ABENHETEP, FALCONTEP and Falcontep Foal)

A true gentleman, Falcontep is a sweet, loving and wonderful friend.  He touches everyone who sees him and I feel priveleged to have had him in my care.

Falcon is the "epitome" of the TRUE BEDOUIN ARABIAN.

Bay Stallion, May 29 1983, AHR*314292

*Ibn Hafiza

Sameh El Moez
Hafiza Hamdan
*Omnia Alaa El Din Nazeer
Ameena Hamdan
BA Quintessence TheEgyptianPrince *Morafic Nazeer
*Bint Mona Nazeer
Shams Al Doha Shahid *Morafic
Dahmah Shahwaniah
*Bint Shaams El Sareei


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